StarKidz Staff

Christi Stanton


Christi began studying dance at the age of 5 and continues her education on a yearly basis.


Are you interested in working with the After School or Summer Camp programs at a world-class dancing facility in Spartanburg, SC? Email your resume with a brief cover letter describing yourself and your qualifications to [email protected].

Courtney Frost

Courtney Frost is a 2008 graduate of Byrnes High School and attended college at the USC Upstate.

Morgan Harris

Morgan is a 2013 graduate of Chapman High School.

Donna Mason

Donna James Mason is a graduate of Byrnes High School.   

Judy Connolly

Judy has been a member of the StarKidz family since her daughter started there in 2007.

Allison Cooke

Allison Cooke is from Shelby NC where she was a star softball player in high school.

Melissa Santana

Melissa is married with 2 children and has been a member of the SMDC family since 2008.

Chase Lawter

Chase Lawter is a senior at Boiling Springs High School where he has a 3.7 GPA.

Taylor Connolly

Taylor Connolly has been a part of the StarMakers family since 2007.

Anna Grace Hatchette

Anna Grace is from Spartanburg, SC.

Kyleigh Southers

Kyleigh has been dancing at StarMakers for 14 years.  

Marianna Allen

Marianna has been at StarMakers for 6 years. 

Nikki Wyatt

Nikki has danced at StarMakers for 15  years.