StarKidz Staff

Christi Stanton


Christi began studying dance at the age of 5 and continues her education on a yearly basis.


Are you interested in working with the After School or Summer Camp programs at a world-class dancing facility in Spartanburg, SC? Email your resume with a brief cover letter describing yourself and your qualifications to [email protected].

Courtney Frost

Courtney Frost is a 2008 graduate of Byrnes High School and attended college at the USC Upstate.

Donna Mason

Donna James Mason is a graduate of Byrnes High School.   

Judy Connolly

Judy has been a member of the StarKidz family since her daughter started there in 2007.

Melissa Santana

Melissa is married with 2 children and has been a member of the SMDC family since 2008.

Taylor Connolly

Taylor Connolly has been a part of the StarMakers family since 2007.

Anna Grace Hatchette

Anna Grace is from Spartanburg, SC.

Kyleigh Southers

Kyleigh has been dancing at StarMakers for 14 years.